SPIKE ISLAND - Cork Harbour Islands
Spike Island covers 104 Acres and was originally the site of a monastic settlement, & went on to become a strategic British Military Fort. The island is dominated by an 18th-century star fort named Fort Mitchel which went on to become a prison. It is accessible by boat from Cobh and is a popular day trip. Spike Island occupies a key location in lower Cork Harbour, which is the second largest natural harbour in the world. In July 2010 a new phase in Spike Island's history began as the State, specifically the Department of Justice and Law Reform, officially handed control over to Cork County Council, thus ending two centuries of institutional use. The council is seeking to develop the island as a vehicle for retelling the story of 1400 years of history and the Irish diaspora. It is hoped that the development of Spike Island as a visitor attraction will help build on the existing tourism and heritage infrastructure in Cork Harbour. On Spike Island, visitors can avail of a guided tour or can explore the island at their own pace and view what the island has to offer. Visitors have the opportunity to walk along the walkway which was developed in 2013 around the perimeter of the fort and which offers unique views of Cork Harbour and the fort. They can also marvel at the architecture and expanse of Fort Mitchel, visit the convict cells or relax in the Spike Island Tearooms. For those who would rather something more adventurous, Spike Island Adventures is an independently owned and operated adventure facility on the island. Cork County Council is currently embarking on the development of Spike Island as a unique cultural heritage and activity destination, offering a compelling, high quality, rich and diverse set of experiences for all visitors. (Content courtesy of www.spikeislandcork.ie )
September 1, 2017

Spike Island Visitor Attraction

May 1, 2016
  • I just had an unbelievable 2 days on the island with the guys from Spike island adventures. They're all mad but in the best way possible. Getting chased around the island by them for your lunch is definitely an experience not to be missed!
  • The people that run "Spike Island Adventure" are a great bunch. Cork County are very lucky to have another great facility for children & adults that is fun. I would recommend it to anyone as its great fun. Its suitable for all groups and Terry and the lads can be contacted to discuss any queries you have. I enjoyed the whole experience and its a great place to go but don't forget to bring a camera
    Visited July 2015